Lamination of eyelashes

Bring your look to life with eyelash lamination

Lamination of eyelashes, also called lash lamination or lash lift, is a cosmetic procedure used to emphasize and increase the volume of natural eyelashes. It is a safe and non-invasive procedure that has become popular in the beauty industry.

During eyelash lamination, special chemicals are applied to the natural eyelashes, which allow the eyelashes to take on a new shape. The treatment is performed on special pads that support the eyelashes, and then different substances are used to soften and fix the eyelashes in a new wavy shape. This process helps to emphasize the natural shape of the eyelashes, open the eyes and create the illusion of longer and fuller eyelashes.

The result of lamination of eyelashes can take several weeks, which depends on the growth of natural eyelashes. During this time, it is not necessary to use regular eyelashes, but if you want, you can apply eye shadow or mascara to make your eyelashes even more prominent.

Eyelash lamination is gentle on natural eyelashes and allows you to achieve an effective result without the need for artificial eyelashes or extensions. However, before performing this procedure, it is always important to consult a professional and make sure that you have sufficient information about the procedure and the possible risks.